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CV 1

Delaya Wibisono Nasution
Meadow Road
Greenwich, CT

(917) 635-0998OBJECTIVE :
An Entry level position in the art departement af a megazine
B.F.A., June 1994,
Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

  • Earned 80 percent of college expenses through summer and part-time jobs

– Art Director, Bowling Green State University
– Alumni Association, 10/89-present

  • Created alumni associaton logo that won first place in the student graphic that that was basis for landing job.
  • Design fifty-page megazine, ‘How to start a Local Chapter’ and produced it for 25 percent less than was budgeted by using desktop publishing program.
  • Developed prototype for four-color monthly alumni megazine; produced fifteen issues, one of which won an awawrd from the Student Association of Graphic
    Designer for innovative design.

Crew Foreman, Johnson Pools,
Stamford, Connecticut, Summers 1989-1991

  • Coordinated crew of five
  • Installed fifty in ground pools;received numerous letters from satisfied customers.

Pagemaker 5.0, Aldus SuperPaint 3.0, Aldus Free-hand 3.0, QuarkXpress 3.0, Microsoft Woord 4.0.
Member, Desktop Designers SIG, CompuServe Member, National Association of Desktop Publishers.
Studying, and ctiquing megazine design.  

Contoh Surat Lamaran 2

In response to your advertisement in todays issue of Jakarta Post for a secretary to Marketing Manager, I wish to offer my self for the post.

I am twenty-two years old use to work as a typist for two years. Having graduated from academy of a secretary last year, I got a special job training for secretarial work for three months. Now I feel I have the necessary qualifications to fill the vacancy you offer.

For your further information, I enclose herewith my curriculum vitae, a testimonial from my academy and a recent photograph of mine.

I hope you will consider this application and grant me an opportunity of an interview.

Contoh Surat Lamaran 1


Dear Mr. xxx,

As a recent graduate of Prasetiya Mulya Business School with work experience in the Computer and Software industry, I am very interested in the marketing position you listed in the November 12, 2000 issue of Kompas newspaper. You will see from the enclosed resume that I offer the skills and experience you seek.

As a Marketing major, research has been a significant part of my academic experience especially when writing up my business plan and executing various individual or team assignments on services, consumer behavior, retailing, brand management ,market entry/penetration ,among others, which include on the field or in – company works.

I have acquired strong administrative skills having worked as a sales assistant maintaining daily logs on purchases and sales, client records and follow-up mailings to clients.

My faculty , bosses and friends at work and school have always commented on the versatility of my skills and abilities .I have proven good academic ability and sound leadership and people/human relation skills I work well and am comfortable to liaison with people from various levels, and quite apt in organizing and executing activities (projects /events) where I usually contribute ideas and apply knowledge learnt.

The enclosed resume will provide you with more details of my background . I would be very happy to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my background and qualifications could be of use to your marketing team. Please feel free to contact me by phone ( 021- xxxxxx / 081b-xxxxxx ) or at the address above. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.



Your Japanese sound’s Name

Take each letter of your name and
substitute it with the japanese sound
to the right of the letter.
Names might be kinda long.

* A- ka
* B- zu
* C- mi
* D- te
* E- ku
* F- lu
* G- ji
* H- ri
* I- ki
* J- zu
* K- me
* L- ta
* M- rin
* N- to
* O-mo
* P- no
* Q- ke
* R- shi
* S- ari
* T- chi
* U- do
* V- ru
* W-mei
* X- na
* Y- fu
* Z- zi

Example: Ira= KiShika

9 Manfaat Pisang

1. Sumber Tenaga            Pisang dapat dicerna dengan mudah. Gula yang terdapat di dalam buah tersebut diubah menjadi sumber tenaga yang bagus secra cepat. Dan, itu bagus dalam pembentukan tubuh, untuk kerja otot, dan sangat bagus untuk menghilangkan rasa lelah. 2. Untuk Ibu Hamil            Pisang juga disarankan untuk dikonsumsi para wanita hamil karena mengandung asam folat yang mudah diserap janin melalui rahim. Namun, jangan terlalu berlebihan sebab dalam satu buah pisang saja sudah mengandung sekitar 85 – 100 kalori. 

3. Penderita Anemia            Dua pisang yang dimakan oleh pasien anemia setiap hari sudah cukup karena mengandung Fe (zat besi) tinggi. 4. Penyakit usus dan perut            Pisang yang dicampur sus cair (atau dimasukkan dalam segelas susu cair ) dapat dihidangkan sebagai obat dalam kasus penyakit usus. Juga dapat direkomendasikan untuk pasien sakit perut dan maag untuk menetralkan keasaman lambung. 

5. Baik bagi Penderita Lever            Dua buah pisang ditambah satu sendok madu dikonsumsi penderita penyakit lever. Ini akan menambah nafsu makan dan membuat kuat. 6. Luka Bakar            Daun pisang digunakan untuk pengobatan kulit yang terbakar dengan cara dioles, campuran abu daun pisang di tambah minyak kelapa mempunya pengaruh mendinginkan kulit. 

7. Manfaat Bagi Diabetes            Pada masyarakat Gorontalo (Sulawesi Utara), jenis pisang goroho yang belum matang yang dikukus dan dicampur kelapa parut muda, merupakan makanan tambahan bagi orang yang menderita penyakit gula.  8. Kecantikan Wajah            Bubur pisang dicampur dengan sedikit susu dan madu, dioleskan pada wajah setiap hari secara teratur selama 30-40 menit. Basuh dengan air dingin atau es, diulang selama 15 hari. 9. Mengatur Bobot Badan

            Pisang juga mempunyai peranan dalam penurunan berat badan seperti juga untuk menaikkan berat badan. Telah terbukti, seseorang dapat kehilangan berat badan dengan berdiet 4 buah pisan dan 4 gelas susu non fat atau susu cair per hari sedikitnya 3 hari dalam seminggu, jumlah kalori hanya 1250 dan menu tersebut cukup menyehatkan.

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