Contoh Surat Power of Attorney 2

April 24, 1997  PT BUNAS FINANCE INDONESIABunas Center, 8th floorJl. Senen Raya No. 135Jakarta 10410  Dear Sir, This power of attorney is made on April 24, 1997 by:             Name        :     Christopher Brideson            Address    :     Jl. Pekayon No. 45                                    Pejaten Barat                                    Jakarta 12550 to authorize             Name        :     Minani Hitam            Position     :     Executive Assistant            Company  :     Andersen Consulting            Address    :     Wisma 46, Kota BNI, 18th floor                                    Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav. 1                                    Jakarta 10220  to take all documents related to Toyota Kijang Grand Rover Long Super as per our contract No. 95-08-03093CF. I attach my final payment slip for your reference. This power of attorney is valid for the above purpose only.  

  Authorization given to:   Minani HitamExecutive Assistant Jakarta, April 24 1997 Authorized by,   Christopher Paul BridesonAssociate Partner



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