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Contoh Surat Sponsorship 4


Yang bertanda tangan dibawah ini, saya : 


Pekerjaan / Jabatan         

Alamat Kantor                      :            

Dengan ini menyatakan bahwa sebagai sponsor untuk mendatangkan warga negara asing ke Indonesia dengan Visa Kunjugan 2 bulan atau Single Visa dengan maksud untuk melaksanakan ——————— di Jakarta, dan saya bertanggung jawab selama keberadaannya di Indonesia tidak akan bekerja dan/atau menetap.  Adapun data warga negara asing tersebut sebagai berikut :  Nama                                     Kewarganegaraan              : 

No. Passport                        :    Demikian surat pernyataan ini saya buat dan akan saya pertanggung jawabkan jika dikemudian hari ternyata tidak benar. 
Jakarta, (date) 

Yang membuat pernyataaan,  Direktor


Contoh Surat Sponsorship 3

Jakarta, 8 March 2001 

Australian Embassy

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C15 – 16, Kuningan
Jakarta 12940 

Attn. : Consular Section  Dear Sirs,  We, PT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, will held the “Annual Sales Meeting and Conference” in Auckland from 20 – 24 March 2001 followed by traveling to Sydney on 24 – 26 March 2001. 

The accommodation, airline tickets, conference venues, pre and post tour conferences have been arranged and confirmed through our travel agent, xxxxxxxxxxx. 

With the above mentioned schedule, we would like to ask for your assistance to grant the respective visa to distributors who entitled to participate on this meeting conference.  Enclosed please find the distributors list who will apply for the visa.  PT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx guarantee that all of our distributors will return to Indonesia after the conference and tour.  All the expenses during their stay in Sydney, Australia will be borned by our company. 

Sincerely yours, 


Finance Manager

PT. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Contoh Surat Sponsorship 2

The Embassy of The Netherlands



This is to inform that Mr. (xxx), Vice Director of Administration and Finance of Master in Accounting Program, Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, is planning to visit
All the expenses during his stay in Amsterdam, including room, travel and other expenses will be borne by himself.  He shall return home immediately after his visit will finish, from April 17th to May 8th 1998. Any assistance given to Mr. (Xxx) for obtaining visa and other travel documents needed to make possible for him to visit Amsterdam, will be highly appreciated. 
Jakarta, April 3, 1998 


Contoh Surat Sponsorship 1

Jakarta, March 4, 2003 

Visa Section

French Embassy 

Re : Letter of Sponsorship 

Dear Sir, 

This is to certify that Mr. (name), passport (no: )is one of the (position) of (company) and is planning to spend his vacation by way of visiting Paris on March 28th, 2003. Upon completion of their trip, they will return to Indonesia. 

All expenses incurred during their holiday will be borne by him. However, should there be a case where an extreme financial-emergency arises, our office guarantees full responsibility of such case. Your expediting the approval to this request will be highly appreciated.  Sincerely yours,  (Name)

HRD Manager

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